The Birth of Raider Token!

4 min readMar 3, 2022


Our Story

We are a group of cryptocurrency investors from a token which no longer exists, called Earnhub. At first all was good, we invested, we made money and we were happy. Then the problems came; the developers stopped talking to us and the token started to die. So a number of us from the community formed a group called EarnRaiders. We shilled our hearts out for a token we loved and we managed to get the token back in the green. We even trended on Twitter, and we had fun doing so. We were still very positive about the token when the hack happened. The circumstances around the hack were all too familiar to those with experience of crypto, and soon the developers lost the trust of the community; was this a hack or was this a rug pull? We may never know for sure, but there were too many unanswered questions.

The developers, subsequently, promised us refunds from the remaining liquidity, but when these came, we got peanuts, with most of the funds disappearing into newly created wallets. All social media channels were forced closed by the developers and it was clear they were trying to cover their tracks.

The community showed great reslove to try to ensure that justice was done. Using our pooled skills, we managed to work together to discover the identities of the developers and put together enough information to create criminal charges.

Our Token

But from the ashes the phoenix rose. As a community, we decided to stick together. Determined to make a bad thing good we organised to use our collective talents to evaluate other coins, a service we are keen to continue. However we wanted to go further; what if we could make our own token succeed where EarnHub had failed? We had a dream of creating a token like no other. The token would focus on safety for investors and bring completely revolutionary thinking to the DeFi space. We basically turned it on its head to create the best of both worlds- high reflections, from holding, COMBINED WITH the ability to make money by trading the token.

Raider has a novel tokenomics system. This gives great opportunity, due to low buy and sell taxes, to trade for profit, without needing a large gain in price to offset the tax loss. In addition, with the very low transaction fees, profit can be taken with gains of as little as 3%. However, Raider Token also works as a reflection token; despite its low taxes, because all taxes are distributed to holders, bags soon grow!

This was not enough however; safety for investors in the coin was paramount when we were looking to develop RaiderToken -we needed to give potential buyers the confidence that the project was not a scam.

We think we have done this; instead of releasing an unfinished token, with the possibility of future disadvantageous developer modifications, we produced a finished product which could not be adapted and will, therefore, continue in its original form for as long as Binance Smart Chain does!
A finished product also means that ALL the commuinity’s time and effort could be put into promoting the token.

Another important aspect of the contract, that adds to the security it offers, is that, we don’t have any marketing wallets that could potentially be embezzled, as 100% of reflections go to holders. Another safety feature is that the liquidity pool has been locked for 80 years.

We realise that, SAFELY, making money is the bottom line, we don’t tell you to, ‘Hold to the moon’ -we don’t need to. We made the token so that profit can be made by holding AND trading.

Our Community

Our community is something we wanted to keep intact. We had a lot of fun and created great memories together, but we are always looking for new Raiders, and we hope you can join us. You can contribute to the shilling, have fun doing so and MOST importantly, make money for yourself and not for the developers. Hope to see you soon!

Let’s take each other to the moon!

BSC Contract address: 0x68F483B06F1E96B10239e333b598f145Da8571c2